Saturday, April 18, 2009

happy birthday kak zila!

assalamualaikum wbt.. test1 this post dedicate special to a special person!
  • hello kak zila.come on.wake up.wake is your bday.last year for u to celebrate with the no.2 in front of ur age number.u are 29 today!
  • thanks be part of my life and motivate me a lot about how life is not easy that i think and not too difficult to face it.
  • thanks because always with me when others run away from me.
  • i do respect you as much as you do understand how difficult with theƂ title of menteri kewangan that i hold.
  • i wish you happiness and joy in your life and many more birthday to bring you delight.
  • once again happy 29th birthday nurul azila binti ab aziz!
nota kaki: bila kita bersembang dengan seseorang tu,kita sudah tahu sebanyak mana ilmu yang dia ada bila dia mula berbicara.

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